This is a time for Tohoku’s Heroes, and we reach for the stars.

Before read this article, I want you guys to see this.

This short clip comes from the TV show “The West Wing”, one of the best TV show in the US history. As a fiction story, this scene is just after the two pipe bomb was blown up at university swimming pool in 2003 when the real US government was facing Iraq and Afghanistan war. 44 people were killed and 3 boys swimmers ran into the fire to help get people out.

I can imagine that a lot of you is now thinking that we are not special person who are said like this , “You are hero.”. Well I don’t think, so.

What did you dream when you are really young like kindergarten?
You wanted to become a professional soccer player? or great doctor who can save anyone in the ICU?
And I would like to ask you one more thing.
Have you already given up everything that you dreamed?
Now, our lives get really long, most of us are predicted that we gonna live for more than 100 years. We have to think when is gonna be the most brilliant time in our lives, and for most of us, that moment hasn’t come yet, I guess. We still can run into the fire and we still have a chance to become a hero of our own.

When I look back my 21 year, I can say my life is not always on the winner’s side. I was sometimes huge loser. I was born in March and really tiny little boy. My home town Kashima is huge soccer town which has the strongest team in the J-League. A lot of boys start to play soccer when they are in elementary school. I did, too, but my name was always outside of the starting list because I’m not that strong like everyone else.

When I was in high school, I passed the exam and became a exchange student to the United States. My host school got 12 exchange student from 12 different countries like Egypt, Chile and Norway. Other 11 student had already got their family in August and they got their friend in different culture. However I couldn’t match the family and had to start my exchange life from 11th of September. The school year had already started and I couldn’t make great friends just after I started my life in different country.

I was a huge loser, but still I don’t give up my dream because I ran into the fire a lot of times and that experience gave me the idea and created the way of life. I couldn’t play soccer a lot of time in the match, but I got many friends who helps me many times. I couldn’t have the perfect days in the US, but I learned what is the most important thing as a person. I believe before you achieve something, before you become a hero, you always have to run into the fire.

We ran into the fire as a team. We lost many many times but we always become better as a team. How about individual person? I want each of you to become a hero of your own.
We still have a plenty of time and a chance to achieve what you dream, but please don’t forget what you have done in this four years, everything has a meaning and that experience will give you the idea when you are in trouble. So please don’t choose easy way, please do not choose your career because of your salary, that has nothing for the most important part of your life.

In Japan, the birth rate is too low to sustain our economy. Industrial Revolution has gone into the new phase. Billionaires become more rich, but the children in the corner of Africa and Asia cannot earn a dollar to live. We need a hero.

Run into the fire. This is a time for Tohoku’s heroes, and this is a time for us to lead our future from Sendai, and we reach for the stars.

Leo Sakuma


ここからは佐久間のブログ恒例の”Leo’s Choice”のお時間です。


二つ目は「家に帰ると妻が必ず死んだふりをしています」原作:K.Kajunsky、出演:榮倉奈々、安田顕 監督:李闘士男
通称”つまふり”。家に帰るとなぜか様々な方法で死んだふりをしている謎の妻とごく普通のサラリーマンのほのぼのストーリー。ある時はワニにかまれていたり、ある時は殺人現場になっていたり。そしてある時はロミオとジュリエット?! さて、なぜ妻は死んだふりをしているのか。いつもかわいい榮倉奈々と、下町ロケットではよだれをたらしまくるエンジニアを演じているチームナックスの変態、安田顕のW主演。

三つ目は「しあわせのパン」監督・脚本:三島有紀子 出演:原田知世、大泉洋

最後にして一番のおすすめ作「The West Wing」 Rob Lowe, Martin Sheen, Written by Aaron Sorkin




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